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Physics GCSE


Physics AS

Physics A2 (New Syllabus))

Physics A2 (Old Syllabus)


Electronics AS

Salters Horners AS

Salters Horners A2

Gateway GCSE



Engineering Education Scheme




For ideas for physics experiments go to the IOP's page:

For syllabuses and past papers visit

For the Physical Science Information Gateway, go to:

For lots of other links, visit 

Tony Coles' new KS5 Physics Blog

Lots of interesting links, video clips, and applets.

I will use it a lot with my students at Leeds City College

A good electronics site - lots of ideas:

For ICT notes a good site is

Another excellent site:


As well as lots of Physics sites, you will find links to sites for Chemistry AS and A2 which are similar to this.

Cyberphysics (new url)


This is one for the teachers.  The TES has a wide range of resources for you to try out.  Click on the Logo:


TES Teaching Resources


Please note that the link goes to the secondary resources.

here is a saying among aircraft engineers that if an aeroplane looks wrong, it flies wrong.  Those who design cars clearly do not agree.


Take a look at some of the car manufacturers' offerings.