GCSE Physics Unit 1

Welcome to the World of Physics.  You may well have heard that Physics is really difficult.  It is not.  Yes, you have to learn facts and use numbers.  However Physics involves situations that happen in real life.  As you sit on your chair, there are balanced forces that cancel each other out.  You can feel them through your bottom.  As I write this, the train I am on has coasted downhill using gravity, and passed through a 3400 m tunnel in 135 seconds.  Its speed is 100 km/h.  As you read this, your computer is using lots of electrical circuits.  It is converting electrical energy into light (and sound, and a lot of heat).

In the Core unit, we look at Energy, Electricity, Waves, and the Universe.  These are topics that are often in the news as we puzzle about how we are going to produce the energy that we need to live our lives in the way we do.  Without energy sources, our technology is nothing.  We use radio-waves for listening to the radio, watching TV, or talking down our mobile telephones.  The Universe has captured our imagination for centuries.  Is there anything out there?  I doubt it speaks English...

1. Energy Transfer
Topic 1 Infra Red Radiation


Topic 2 Kinetic Theory


Topic 3 Energy Transfer by Heating Go
Topic 4 Heating and insulating buildings Go
Topic 5 Energy Transfers and Efficiency Go

2. Electrical Energy

Topic 6

Transferring Electrical Energy


Topic 7

Generating Electricity


Topic 8 The National Grid


3. Waves

Topic 9

Wave Properties


Topic 10



Topic 11



Topic 12




Data Sheet.  (Print this off and use it throughout the year.  It's also good lavatory reading - knowing where a formula is will save you a lot of time in the exam.)

Topic Test