Unit 5 B  Medical Physics

This option looks at some of the many ways in which Physics is applied to the medical profession.  In the first four tutorials, we look at how we detect sound and vision, which are vital to the way that we interact with the environment.  Both of these use important physics concepts.  Then we look at how physics is used in imaging techniques that are vitally important to diagnosis of diseases.

Medical Physicists have an important role to play in a modern hospital.  Many physics concepts can be applied to the diagnosis and treatment of patients in hospital.

If you are considering a career as a doctor, you will find this option relevant to your studies.  Medical Physics stands at the interface of Physics and Biology. 

Sound and Vision
Tutorial 1 The Eye Go
Tutorial 2 Defects of Vision and Their Correction Go
Tutorial 3 Physics of the Ear Go
Tutorial 4 Nerve  Impulses Go
Imaging Techniques
Tutorial 5 Ultrasound Imaging Go
Tutorial 6 Medical Optics Go
Tutorial 7 X-rays Go
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