Unit 5E  Electronics

This module covers Electronics, which has made a welcome return to the A-level Syllabus.  As well as being an interesting subject in its own right, knowledge and skills in Electronics is an important tool in the study of many parts of Physics at university level.

We will look at the use of electronics in analogue systems, which are used in audio applications and simple motor control.  We will also look at digital systems that are at the heart of computers.  We also consider how electronics is used in data communication.

You need to make sure that you are happy with electrical circuits and properties.

Discrete Semi-conductor Devices

Tutorial 1 MOSFET Go
Tutorial 2 Zener Diode Go
Tutorial 3 Photodiode Go
Tutorial 4 Hall Effect Sensor Go

Analogue and Digital Signals

Tutorial 5 Analogue and Digital Signals Go
Tutorial 6 LC Resonance Go

Operational Amplifier

Tutorial 7 Basic Op-amp (Ideal and Real) Go
Tutorial 8 Operational Amplifier Configurations Go

Digital Signal Processing

Tutorial 9 Combinational Logic Go
Tutorial 10 Sequential Logic Go
Tutorial 11 Astables Go

Data Communication Systems

Tutorial 12 Principles and Transmission Media Go
Tutorial 13 Time Division Multiplexing Go
Tutorial 14 AM and FM Transmission Go
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