Induction Overview

A very warm welcome to the world of Physics.  I hope you enjoy it every bit as much as I have and continue to do so.


These tutorials will guide you through the extensive range of skills that you will develop as you progress through the A-level course.  The notes that I have written here are based on the notes that I have given to my students  as an A-level teacher of thirty years' experience.   You don't have to be a complete genius to study Physics successfully.  You just need to be able to graft away when you come across topics you might not find that easy.  Practice make perfect is an old saw.  It needs to be Effective practice repeated often enough makes perfect.


The skills you will develop will then form the basis of many of the skills you need to do well at university and in your professional career.


The tutorials are not meant to replace your tutor, or the need to do all your assignments on time to the best of your ability.  However I hope you will find them helpful.


If you need review stuff from GCSE, have a look at my GCSE notes on this site.


Good luck.

Welcome, New Student

Tutorial 0

What is Physics?

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Tutorial 1

Symbols and units

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Tutorial 2

Standard Form and Significant Figures

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Tutorial 3


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Tutorial 4

Experimental Uncertainty

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Tutorial 5

Basic Graphical Skills

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Tutorial 6

Further Graphical Skills

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Tutorial 7


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Tutorial 8

Orders of Magnitude

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Tutorial 9

Using ICT in Physics

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Data sheet




Self Test