March 2018

Merry Easter

Easter coincides with April Fool's day this year.  I am not sure what to make of that.  I write this at the end of March, and even though it's astronomical Spring, it still feels like Winter.  There is still snow lying along the dry-stone walls that are such a feature of the area I live in.  The "Beast from the East" has scorched many plants in my garden, and one evergreen tree has had half its leaves stripped off.  Like many areas, we have had quite a bit of snow, but turned into rainfall, the snow has amounted to less than 20 mm in total.  The daffodils are very late this year.  I have read that Spring will be 4 weeks late this year. 


It is possible that we will have a white Easter (that will be the April Fool).  White Easters are more common than white Christmases.


The Easter Bunny has been in the shops since Boxing Day.  But many years ago, I remember delivering Christmas stock at the end of August...



This Site

I have started mapping the site with the various syllabuses.  I have completed the AQA syllabus, and will now move on to Edexcel next, then OCR.  I hope you will find it helpful.


Stephen Hawking (1942 - 2018)

Many people have written many words about this great man, whose disability and condition did not dull his formidable intellect and gift for communication.    Anything that I say will sound trite.  Like many, I read A Brief History of Time and enjoyed it.  As I reflect on his life, the word "wonder" is the one that comes to mind.  And that is what Physics should evoke in its students.


Rather than looking into the past, I prefer to look to the future.  I am sure that there will be a reader of these pages who will take our understanding of and wonder at Physics even further.  I don't suppose I will ever get to find out.


There is a a final irony.  Hawking starts his final chapter of A Brief History of Time with the words, "Isaac Newton was not a pleasant man."  He then outlines how Newton was devious, manipulative, and very self-centred, a man who would bear a bitter grudge and was not happy until his adversary was trashed completely.  Although Newton was a Christian theologian of some note, his attitudes and behaviour towards others certainly was not one of humble Christian faith.  Hawking's ashes are to be interred in Westminster Abbey right next to Newton's.



Until the next time I saddle up my high horse, enjoy and good luck.  I hope you do well.